Dou Po Cang Qiong Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Dou Qi Continent

The moon was like a silver plate and the stars filled the sky.

At the summit of the cliff, Xiao Yan lay on the grass and in his mouth was a strand of green grass. He chewed it slightly and let the bitterness spread into his mouth slowly. Continue reading



A lot has happened since I first started translating and I’ve learned a fair bit about both wuxia and the readers that wolf down chapters of wuxia. I’ve put off translating DPCQ since I barely get any time on the computer, but I promise I’ll get chapter 2 done soon. That will, unfortunately, probably be the last of my short-lived translating career. For those who have supported me so far, I sincerely thank you. I knew that it would happen some day, and sadly, it had to be only a month and a half after I started. Worry not, since I’ll still be around the translation community, just not an active translator. Thank you for all your support and hopefully, another translator will pick up where I left off.

PS: If I ever post again, it’ll be for a random chapter I really feel like doing so don’t get your hopes up.

Edit: GoodGuyPerson is picking up this project as well! He seems really interested in the wuxia and should be translating it for a decent amount of time. Go thank him!

Dou Po Cang Qiong Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Genius No More

‘Dou Zhi Li1, 3rd stage!’

Facing the Magical Testing Monument as it displayed the 5 big hurtful words, the youth stood expressionless, lips curled in a small self-ridiculing smile. He tightly clenched his fist and because of the strength used, his slightly sharp fingernails dug deep into the palm of his hand, bringing brief moments of pain. Continue reading

Status Update

Translating DPCQ has taken more time than I expected, and since I’m starting school tomorrow, I have to get ready for it. I’m about 90% through the first chapter and will be able to post it within the next day or so. I’m sorry it has taken this long (almost 4 days without anything!) but be sure to look out for it soon!


For those who are unaware, there’s another translator working on Zhan Long over at His name is GoodGuyPerson, and he’ll be taking over Zhan Long translation from chapter 10 onwards. He’s currently at chapter 11 and translating chapter 12, so you should see that from him soon. Go take a look and give him some love!

Moving on, I’ll be translating a new wuxia novel, Dou Po Cang Qiong (斗破苍穹) or Battle Through The Heavens. There’s a webnovel and a web manhua, but I’ll only be translating the novel (surprise!) I’ll start on chapter 1 soon, so look forward to that. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come. Continue reading

Another Translator?

Apparently /u/goodguyperson, another reddit user who approached me about translating Zhan Long, decided to create his own wordpress and translate chapters 10+, since I was undecided at the time whether I would continue translating the novel. He’s currently translating chapter 12, and 11 is up on his site. Give it a read, I’ll link it here:

Decide on the quality of the release and tell me whether or not you guys think I should translate in spite of his translation,  or just pass the project over to him.

If I pass it over I might start a new project I’ve been thinking of working on for quite some time (and one I honestly prefer much more) in my spare time in school, but honestly that depends as well. I’ll add a poll so please give me some feedback. ^.^

Edit: Looks like overwhelming response for me to drop Zhan Long and do the other project so far. I’ll let the poll run for longer so I can see more response but for now, here’s two hints on the other project – it has a manhua (OMG WUXIA AGAIN!?) and it involves lead MC losing his power? Wow, whatever can this project be? (If you guessed it correctly please don’t spoil it for people, thanks!)

Zhan Long Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Bramble Sword


The sword entered the mud as I quietly sat there, thinking about what to do. The beginner village boss, huh? Looks like it’s hard to find. I’m surprised no one has killed it yet. It surely has to do with my exploration in the deep jungle. This Bramble Bear King surely must be the Grass Dog Village’s strongest monster. Once it’s killed, it’ll surely drop loads of great items, so I must not miss out on it. Continue reading


So here’s a little update on what I’m working on currently.

Chapter 9 – 100% translated, about 50% edited and proofread. (Do you guys mind if I post chapters without proofreading them?)


Chapter 10- 55% translated, 0% edited.


Chapter 10 might be the last chapter I translate in a while, since I have school opening on the 30th (and believe me school life here is BUSY). I’ll still try to do what I can, but I honestly doubt it’ll be anywhere close to the rate I’m translating now. If other translators want to work together / take over, please email me at:


That’s pretty much what’s happening for right now, I’ll go back to translating so don’t yell at me!