Rejoice for your translator, Helloshorty, has decided to commit to translating Zhan Long to at least chapter 15, after which I might hand it off to other translators.



18 thoughts on “Rejoice

    (シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ *Da freak are y’all doing*(。_。)


  2. Thank you for all your work. And I think you don’t need to hand it over – there are a lot untranslated novels out there. You translate very good, reading your work is a pleasure (not like MANY other tranlators especially machine ones), so if you can still translate after starting school give it a go. No one should or even have right to whine when your tranlating speed drops. If you can’t find the time then it is okay


    • But if you can find the time – do it even if slowly. Thanks again
      One more thing if you allow to ask: What country are you from that school is such hard and time consuming plus you start term in Febuary? Also what level of education, because one of your previous comments piqued my interest? You don’t have to answear though.
      Best regards.


      • I’m in Singapore, at the JC (Junior College) level. Singapore is notorious for ridiculous studying standards, and the institution I’m studying in will push me with loads of assignments everyday, so I probably won’t have time to do much. The early days of school will still be quite easy-going but after that I’ll have to start studying lots. Thanks for the concern.


  3. Yay.. We love you
    Altho I’m a bit sad that ur gonna drop this…. And a bit scared since I really liked how u did it… And that they might not be equal in care…

    But thanks anyway


  4. Glad to hear you will at least continue until chapter 15, any ideas on who is planning to take over after?
    Also good luck in school, having the free time to translated should be used to finish assignments. Proprieties.
    Thanks for all of your hard work so far.


  5. It’s great that you decided to translate more chapters. I wouldn’t mind a chapter a month though if that would be possible. But anyway I know the feeling of a lot of school work and pressure so I wish you good luck with that!


  6. thank for t-ling,,

    it’s good to see that the novel completely difference than manga,,,
    there some detail that remove when i read it.
    oh,, even thought i only know this site today,, it’s great that you t-ling this to ch 15.
    really grateful,, 😀

    i’ll bear with some illustration from manga until future news after ch 15
    (sadly i negligence this language subject back at my school day,,, :()


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