Dou Po Cang Qiong Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Dou Qi Continent

The moon was like a silver plate and the stars filled the sky.

At the summit of the cliff, Xiao Yan lay on the grass and in his mouth was a strand of green grass. He chewed it slightly and let the bitterness spread into his mouth slowly. Continue reading



A lot has happened since I first started translating and I’ve learned a fair bit about both wuxia and the readers that wolf down chapters of wuxia. I’ve put off translating DPCQ since I barely get any time on the computer, but I promise I’ll get chapter 2 done soon. That will, unfortunately, probably be the last of my short-lived translating career. For those who have supported me so far, I sincerely thank you. I knew that it would happen some day, and sadly, it had to be only a month and a half after I started. Worry not, since I’ll still be around the translation community, just not an active translator. Thank you for all your support and hopefully, another translator will pick up where I left off.

PS: If I ever post again, it’ll be for a random chapter I really feel like doing so don’t get your hopes up.

Edit: GoodGuyPerson is picking up this project as well! He seems really interested in the wuxia and should be translating it for a decent amount of time. Go thank him!