A lot has happened since I first started translating and I’ve learned a fair bit about both wuxia and the readers that wolf down chapters of wuxia. I’ve put off translating DPCQ since I barely get any time on the computer, but I promise I’ll get chapter 2 done soon. That will, unfortunately, probably be the last of my short-lived translating career. For those who have supported me so far, I sincerely thank you. I knew that it would happen some day, and sadly, it had to be only a month and a half after I started. Worry not, since I’ll still be around the translation community, just not an active translator. Thank you for all your support and hopefully, another translator will pick up where I left off.

PS: If I ever post again, it’ll be for a random chapter I really feel like doing so don’t get your hopes up.

Edit: GoodGuyPerson is picking up this project as well! He seems really interested in the wuxia and should be translating it for a decent amount of time. Go thank him!


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    • DPCQ is a fiction wuxia about Xiao Yan, a person from Earth who was transported to the Dou Qi continent that the story takes place in. Xiao Yan has more power than the average individual since he has two sets of memories and he quickly became one of the strongest in the Xiao clan. However, 3 years ago from where the story started he lost his powers to an unknown force and became practically worthless. His strength from before crumbled into nothingness and everyone judged him to be a useless individual. Unbeknownst to him, the power he lost was ‘borrowed’ by a certain individual that promises to train him once again.

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  1. You translated the novel of a popular manhwa and sparked a big a amount of interest. Even if your circumstances changed you ignited motivation in a group of translators that picked up Zhan Long where you left off and it has been enjoyable to read your translations so far!

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  2. Thank you for translating this until now! Even though you didn’t do it for long your two the fact that you started those projects attracted other potential translators to take over!
    actually do you have a link to GoodGuyPerson’s blog/site?


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