So here’s a little update on what I’m working on currently.

Chapter 9 – 100% translated, about 50% edited and proofread. (Do you guys mind if I post chapters without proofreading them?)


Chapter 10- 55% translated, 0% edited.


Chapter 10 might be the last chapter I translate in a while, since I have school opening on the 30th (and believe me school life here is BUSY). I’ll still try to do what I can, but I honestly doubt it’ll be anywhere close to the rate I’m translating now. If other translators want to work together / take over, please email me at: dontusethisname@gmail.com


That’s pretty much what’s happening for right now, I’ll go back to translating so don’t yell at me!


18 thoughts on “Update

  1. I don’t know about others, but personally I enjoy when the chapters are proofread. That having been said, as long as they are translated and edited I won’t complain. I understand that the process of translating, editing, and finally proofreading means you have to read the same chapter multiple time in order to make it look good and this can ruin the story for you. Here’s hoping that you will continue to translate this series in the future as your efforts and very well done and very much appreciated. Thank you. And good luck with school. Take your time, I can read other stuff in the meantime.


  2. I understand your concerns with how bad the English might be, and I can ensure you that it is pretty decent. The numbers of mistakes should be a little more than the previous chapters but the grammar is about the same throughout every chapter. I’ll try with chapter 9 and you guys can see whether it’s acceptable or not. Just take this post as an example.

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  3. Thanks for an update on what’s to come.
    Sucks to hear that the translation rate is going to slow down but what can you do, RL stuff is more important.
    Thanks for all your hard work.


  4. I dont mind if you post it before proofreading. You can still proofread it later on haha
    As long as you can understand the text without getting headache should be good ;D


  5. Read chapter nine and if they are of the same quality then there shouldn’t be any problems with not proofreading. Thanks for the work so far.


  6. Thank you for your hard work.
    I just read chapter 9 and personally, I think it’s pretty good. In my opinion, your language proficiency is good enough that it can be posted without proofreading. ( anyways, readers can always proof read it for you :D)
    Hopefully there will be other translator who would be willing to help you translate (or to take over the translating).


  7. So long as it can be understand I really so not see y the readers can not point out typos or make suggestions on grammar let leechers help you man. many will spot typos faster then you since u will not have to reread ever line multiple times so long as we can understand the story most of us really would not mind some grammatical mistakes and those good with grammar will point it out or make a suggestion on wording and let you decide if there wording does not stray to far from the original meaning.


  8. How about putting it on something like a google doc and letting the us, the readers, proofread it? It’ll be similar to how wikipedia allows readers to contribute and edit its information (having 20 people scan once through the chapter would be pretty thorough).


    • I prefer to be in control of the edits, so I think allowing people to proofread and post their edits as comments would be better. There’s a lot of situations going on with Google Doc editing where the entire text gets deleted and only when I get back to the Doc can I delete the suggestion.

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  9. i think it’s fine if you post it translated and with some edits, and let the readers but any corrections in the comments. so far it seems as though any corrections we’ll notice won’t be big enough to ruin the reading flow for us anyway, so this way should be easier for you as well.
    good luck in your rl activities/school/the like (y)


  10. I think the most important thing is that we understand the flow the story and I think we’re grade schoolers not to realized the event even though some words or sentence are wrong grammer


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