Another Translator?

Apparently /u/goodguyperson, another reddit user who approached me about translating Zhan Long, decided to create his own wordpress and translate chapters 10+, since I was undecided at the time whether I would continue translating the novel. He’s currently translating chapter 12, and 11 is up on his site. Give it a read, I’ll link it here:

Decide on the quality of the release and tell me whether or not you guys think I should translate in spite of his translation,  or just pass the project over to him.

If I pass it over I might start a new project I’ve been thinking of working on for quite some time (and one I honestly prefer much more) in my spare time in school, but honestly that depends as well. I’ll add a poll so please give me some feedback. ^.^

Edit: Looks like overwhelming response for me to drop Zhan Long and do the other project so far. I’ll let the poll run for longer so I can see more response but for now, here’s two hints on the other project – it has a manhua (OMG WUXIA AGAIN!?) and it involves lead MC losing his power? Wow, whatever can this project be? (If you guessed it correctly please don’t spoil it for people, thanks!)


20 thoughts on “Another Translator?

  1. Personally, I don’t know… his translation of chapter 11 seemed good. (Though I have no idea what kind of curse MLGBD is. He could learn to use footnotes!)

    Anyway, didn’t you say you would stop at chapter 15 or so? This could be a chance to let it go.
    Specially if you’re planning on doing some other thing. *sparkling eyes*

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  2. Ok, I’ll just admit I’ve not read the 2nd guy’s translation, so I’m just throwing here my thoughts.
    1st The translating thing, is Your choice, we are just mere leechers that leech off from what you do in your free time, thus as I read there, you have a project that you want to translate much more than Zhan Long, then I say: Go ahead!
    I understand your sense of responsibility and you don’t want to throw away the project you’ve started, but now there is an opportunity as other translator took on himself to translate this one, I dare say: Why not just go do what you want? It’s your time!
    P.S. Though if the other translation is absolutely terrible, I’d still preserve! I’m the Adamantine!! Adamant Will (passive) ON!


  3. 11 was a pretty satisfactory chapter. I took a nap and missed your post saying you were leaving me TT^TT. I-it’s not like I care or anything! I-I’m not glad or anything you’re still going to be translating, b-baka! (Voted for you to drop and pick up another story.)


  4. The other translator seems to be quite decent, though like the others mention footnotes would be nice 😛
    I don’t really feel like I get a say in whether you stop either way, since I haven’t contributed at all, but if you feel like you’d rather translate something else go for it! We’re the getting something for free, not the other way around.
    Thanks for everything you’ve done up till now though.


  5. The Translation is well enough. As for dropping it, my opinion is the more passable translators the better. However it looks like you already came to a conclusion.


    • Not too much interest personally, school-related stuff, other logistics-related stuff. Basically, it’s easier to leave a project to an individual or one group than to split it, since a LOT of co-ordination is required and you have to be crazy (I’m looking at you Tate No Yuusha) to even try it. There are so many issues with IRL stuff. All in all, I feel that this is a chance to drop Zhan Long and pick up the other project.


  6. I think you shouldn’t be translating out of commitment, but more like for your own fun. If you don’t like Zhan Long, drop it because you could get do the other one first (Does it involve alchemists?) However, sometimes translators cannot focus on 1 project so they take up 2 in order to get a change of pace. Maybe if Goodguyperson agrees, you can translate every x chapters 😛

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